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Introducing Alice - our Nutritionist

Updated: Feb 10

As an 8-year old child, I watched my mother transform her health through diet and exercise. Initially she changed the way she was eating just to lose some weight. What surprised her however, were the profound improvements in many aspects of her health that she achieved through eating more nutritious foods. I was intrigued and right there was born a passion for health and nutrition. I studied nutritional therapy after I left school and have spent my life working in the field of nutrition, health and therapeutic supplementation. With the birth of the internet, I have seen an interest in wellness and nutrition explode. This is a double-edged sword. It's great that so many people are taking an interest in their well-being, but on the other hand, there are so many myths misinformation and dogma surrounding food now, that it has become a bit of a minefield for the average person looking to improve their health. My approach is to try to cut through all the nonsensical information and help people develop a path to wellness that's tailored specifically for them. Of course there are some general guidelines that can be applicable to most people, but we all different and we all need to find what works for us. Nutrition is a powerful tool that can have a profound affect on wellbeing – and this includes not just physical health, but emotional and psychological issues as well. Health concerns such as digestive distress and inflammatory conditions can all be helped with dietary interventions. One aspect of my work is giving public talks. My favourite lecture is the ‘open forum’ where I just invite questions and answers about nutrition. It's always a lively conversation and hopefully everyone goes away with a few simple tips up their sleeve on how to improve their health.  Whatever diet you decide is right for you, here are three top tips that will help to maximize your health:

  • Reduce your intake of refined sugars (get sugar smart and know what to look for on food labels)

  • Minimize your intake of refined grains and foods based on white flour. They contain no helpful nutrients and contribute to poor health in so many ways.

  • Increase your intake of vegetables. Many people consume a diet that is just too low in nutrient-rich vegetables, so get creative and find ways to add them to your daily diet.

Alice is passionate health advocate and mother of three. She works as the Head of Education for a well-respected nutritional supplement brand, where her role involves creating educational material for various distributors of the supplements. Alice is also the owner of Moreish by Alice, creating beautiful gluten free, dairy free, low sugar and vegan cakes and bakes that are sold in Wigginton Shop in Tring.


Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

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