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Take A Trip To Bliss - Interview with Jenny

Updated: Feb 1

Throwing it back to last week when I got to spend time with this gorgeous soul, Jenny Collins. Jenny has just started working out of Naturality wellness in Berkhamsted offering transforming Reiki and incredible Anti-Aging facial massage. I know ladies - we all want that right?! And I tell you, this girl has some serious skills! She channeled my inner energy and described me as "restless" Err...guilty. I have a lot going on in my mind. Jenny spent an hour helping to heal my busy soul and help me drift away to a blissed out state. That facial massage was sooo relaxing! My body tingled as the Reiki worked on my body. So powerful!

Want to know more about her treatments, this is what she has to say:

Reiki is a Japanese word which means universal life force energy which is referring to the energy that surrounds us and is within us. The energy flows through all living things and is so important to our well being. 

Benefits include:

Balance for mind and body

Boost to immune system

Clearing old and negative energy

Feeling happier and brighter

Bringing calmness to clients 

The natural lift facial and head massage is a blend of highly effective techniques drawn from both Japanese face massage and Indian face massage, it incorporates complementary techniques from Acupressure and Facial Reflexology. 

It's a YES from me Jenny. Thank you for lending me your healing hands. 

Katy Murray - Tring Buzz


Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

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